Quotations About / On: DEPRESSION

Quotations About / On: DEPRESSION
Muzahidul Reza

Depression causes depression in heart, depression in mind, depression in brain, depression in vein, depression in physique, depression in behaviour. But, know who causes / cause depression, why and how? Then apply the remedy / the remedies for depression.

Shalom Freedman

Depression deepens the Loneliness as Loneliness deepens the Depression

Muzahidul Reza

No tension, no depression; as, tension originates depression.

Muzahidul Reza

Depression causes depression.

Shalom Freedman

Depression -the depressed often know is illogical and self - defeating. But this knowledge does not usually help them overcome their depression.

Muzahidul Reza

Corruption causes depression. The depression increases in the heart and mind of the victims.

Muzahidul Reza

Depression, the depressed body and mind can not come out of depression that only depresses them till death. Therefore, depression is the lifelong cause of being depressed.

Susan Sontag

Depression is melancholy minus its charms—the animation, the fits.

Mason Cooley

I cling to depression, thinking it a form of truth.

Jesse Jackson

When we're unemployed, we're called lazy; when the whites are unemployed it's called a depression.

Herbert Hoover

Economic depression can not be cured by legislative action or executive pronouncement.

Edward Kofi Louis

Depression destroys your health.

Edward Kofi Louis

Depression leads to many sicknesses.

Kishore Kumar Das

The principal cause of depression is nothing but ignorance.

Caitlin Davies

'Another day that I wake up is another day that Depression has lost.'

Adolphus Moses

A ten minutes talk with a real Africa woman can cure a man's depression.

Nathan Coppedge

'If you can go halfway to happiness from depression, you can recover all the way.'

Paul Vagnarelli

Nature gives you purpose, the economy gives you depression.

Devanshu Patel

Suppression brings depression.

Hanan Muzafar

Depression is a necessary diseases, and dissapointment is a necessary sin.