Quotations From ADEESO ADEYEMI

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  • If you can't affect your generation, your generation will affect you.
    attitude, and positive thinking
  • If life offer you little, show that you have much to offer.
    motivational quote
  • I live not for myself, for wherever I go I believe it
    is my responsibility, my duty to touch life. If you
    cant affect your generation, your generation will
    affect you.
    motivational quote
  • Let your gentleness be known to all men.
    Attitude and character
  • Nobody is born as a winner, but we are all born to win.
    winner, motivational quote
  • They gives away everything to follow the art.They stand in lightning storms all of their life.They are a lover of words, a shaper of thoughts.They are the so called soulhealer..
    Soulhealer, gentlesoul
  • No one is perfect but the only thing near perfectness is LOVE.
  • Learn to dream and dream big but dont fall asleep while dreaming
    thinking positive and inspirational quote
  • we can live in our fantasy world by actualizing our imagination
    dream and motivational quote
  • i live my life to be real, and the existence of today is who i am
    Life, Myself, existence
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