Quotations From ANTHONY KIRUI

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  • If you dont wake up now you will wake up in future by force.
    Time management and laziness
  • Marry a materialistic lady and you will forever remain a poor man in society.
    Materialism among modern ladies.
  • If you destined to be with a lady then you will use the least effort to convinced while if you are not destined you will use futile effort without results.
    Love matters
  • Climbing a rugged terrain with high gradient builts the strongest muscles.
  • A skilled paratrooper gains experience from a whirlwind
  • Every dead trunk was once a healthy and steady tree.
  • The top of a fault scarp has the freshest air and amazing breeze.
    Going extra mile
  • Climbing a fault scarp is very demanding requiring a lot of thrust and commitment but falling from the top requires less effort.
    Risk management
  • The tallest pine in the coniferous forest was once a cone on the ground being stepped upon.
  • A tree on a lower canopy doesn't get enough light.
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