Quotations From AADIL HINGORJO

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  • In me are limitless entrances
    I offer no exit once you're entered!
    Human Depth
  • I might call myself a painting but the stupid world would then attempt to sketch me out. This world is you see terribly murderous; it creates you on her own and then smothers off your every echo in a merciless way.
    We all are withered!
  • Okay fine, let's now assume it that Allah, Eshwar or the God exists. But isn't it technically unfair to give us all, his most beloved creatures, only one fucking chance to attempt all the questions rightly to get the reward? Whosoever he is, he is uniquely smart. There is no other attempt; we are destined to either attempt it with his designed logic or fail the only attempt without giving it a practising head. It is but an honestly rude constitution. Isn't it? Resurrection? Criterions are all intertwined between angelic abstractness and magnificent goldy logic. If the day of judgement or any such episode comes ahead, I personally will ask the God to allow me for another attempt. If the creator allows, he will meet my faith otherwise it is nothing but all a blurred bue clip!
    Whether God is Qadir(Powerful) Or But A Man Stubborn One? Aadil Ahmed
  • The poorest person is the one whose thoughts are primitive, pesky and the pissed off!
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) cannot justifiably configure even a single step of human beings. Binary system proposed after Aristotle's Theory of Dualism can facilitate us partly but it cannot capture the richness of human language, its diversity, its intricacies and its multidimensional coherence on the basis of the fixed this or that one; there are no ultimate rights and extreme lefts in our gene. Not everyone is a true theist or the atheist; agnosticism continues to beautify the very many cores of the universe.
    With regards to Artificial Intelligence!
  • My home lies in the heart of poetry; I'm only deeply written on the body of her diary!
    Poetry, Her
  • If I'm the last edge of the River Indus, then you, my beloved, are the Diya (candle) floating in my streams.
    Candles, Diya
  • Stubborn, irrational, and unhearted men cannot feel the light of the Lord even after spending their whole life in prostrations. Omniscient God, I believe, can never be found in such conservative cores. Creator in itself is a huge charisma; he's purely wild, wise, and very vivacious to the versatile vistas of the world.
    God, men, worship
  • If it's gone frozen, it has certainly lost the flow!
  • November is the month that novelizes my soul. It's the noblest of all the months. If no November, then the entire narration simply goes lifeless!
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