Quotations From AARZOO MEHEK

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  • Life is not that difficult to live, if only one has the zest to conquer all the hurdles and smile in the midst of pain.

    © Aarzoo Mehe
  • I'am the sea
    You are my ocean
    In you lies
    My salvation!

    ©Aarzoo Mehek
  • Be a mystery, let the world decipher the tidings of your heart, the twinkle of your eyes and that magical smile.

    © Aarzoo Mehek
  • If we fall into the pit of blame-game then it's a never ending battle with self...We only have control on ourselves, so the best thing to do is change the perceptions, change the way we look at things and change the way we react to people's unreasonable behavior. It's only WE who can make the difference in life. So just be the change you want to see in your life. Take complete responsibility for your life, including your relationships.

    © Aarzoo Mehek
  • To attain the heights of spirituality, kill the animal spirit and search for God in the paradise of heart.

    ©Aarzoo Mehek
  • If you want to win life fight with your own created demons.
    © Aarzoo Mehek
  • Expectation kills the joy of living.
    © Aarzoo Mehek
  • Love is a beautiful feeling when reciprocated
    © Aarzoo Mehek.
  • What is it we all are seeking? When we give up the search things start unfolding and the irony is we won't be needing it anymore.
    © Aarzoo Mehek
  • Love has a million facets. What role did it play to enhance and enrich your life
    What meaning has it given to your life?
    Aarzoo mehek
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