Quotations From ABDUL WAHAB

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  • ‘' No idea is an idea if it does not take out ignorance and eliminate poverty ‘'
  • ''' Love for knowledge is equal to love for life''........nw
  • '' Who love knowledge they love themselves''.........nw
  • '' No words are words if they are not used to sharp your mind and bend you to seek knowledge''..........nw
  • '' A thoughtful face is better than a smiling face.''........nw
  • '' Accumulating knowledge of any sorts is better than any kinds of worshiping ''......nw
  • '' Innovative or creative mind is a mind chosen by God ''.............nw
  • ''Communal-ism and racism is a mind set, too narrow to accumulate a good wish for all, expand your mind like a broad high way where everyone can travel without being asked the color of their skin and the religion they believe.''...........nw
  • ‘' Show people by doing what you believe but be not a hypocrite by preaching what you do not believe ‘' ….nw
  • ‘'Neither drag me away from the creator nor pull me away from this world, anything excessive of this kind is extremism and you know extremism is very bad for everyone in every situation, no matter in which form it comes ‘' … NW
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