Quotations From ABSTRACT POET

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  • When you are in love with someone you want to say, ''I love you'' to them if you don't say those three little world everything could end.
  • Dear love,

    ''My heart belongs to you''
    no-one else will take
    My heart away from you.
  • ''My love, my hugs, my kisses''
    to you I hope you will like them.
  • ''Friendship is the best ship
    in the world without a heavy
    cargo and loads of anybody
    necessities so, everyone are
    welcome to travel with me in
    my friendship''
  • An expression of my face
    ''the best expression of
    love is kissing''
  • ''Love is the most beautiful
    word with its sweetest melody
    that sounds from the bottom
    of the heart''
  • ''Do I spell it out with words
    how I feel about you my mind
    is busy with these thoughts
    about you, you are all I think
    about can't find the words to
    tell you that I do want to have
    you here beside me for always
    and forever to enjoy our moment
  • ''I know you have annoyed
    me with those words you
    have said to me I know
    that you are thinking of
    me thank you so much for
    the sweet words with you
    I feel like that I am the
    luckiest woman in the world''
  • ''Love is like a time
    bomb, it can explodes
    suddenly and then leave
    some medical scars''
  • ''With you in my life
    I feel so completely
    I don't wish for more
    but to say with you
    and to love till eternity''
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