Quotations From ADEYEMI JOSHUA

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  • Honour lies in your have,
    Not really in what you have.
    Your possessions does not speak of your wealth, but your inner ability is the honour that lies in you.
  • The best thing you can be in this world is a man or an object of God.
    Your portfolio without God is nothing.
  • The world is archetype to a garment,
    Which by unseen vampire is rent.
    And again and again mend.
    When the saviour to us is friend.
    The world is meaningless to us without Christ as our friend.
  • Look not down at a being,
    For his virtue is yet and unseen.
    Do not under estimate humans because you can't weigh their intellectuals at lenght.
  • To fight for freedom is not a task,
    But a game play'd with style.
    It's not compulsory to seek for liberation under the umbrella of war but rather, we can be liberated if we by intuity are vibrated.
  • Age waits for no one, then why wait for him?
    Maximise any opportunity that comes your way while you are a juvenile.
  • Be not afraid of death because it is the previous chapter of ignorance.
    Ignorance kills faster than death.
  • '...When different thoughts travels through your heart, travel faster before their return and ascertain which is wish...'
    Don't be toss by your toughts, toss your thought...
  • '...Learn to learn how to learn, and someday what you learn will goodness to you earn...'
    You're not too old....Keep learning...(Learning is the key to earning)
  • Wickedness had made league with strife and they a couple had drowned love in the ocean of the world.
    Love scarcely exist.
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