Quotations From ADIELA AKOO

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  • A whipping tongue scathingly lashes a false sense of power failing to reflect that a tongue portrays the character of its possessor!
    From Lost in a Quatrain by Adiela Akoo, Poem: Whiplash
  • But the words refuse to come,
    like they did in my bed,
    so it may very well be said
    that my very best work,
    remained in my head!
    From Lost in a Quatrain by Adiela Akoo, Poem: Coupling
  • and I pondered this curiously crazy life
    and the things I failed to grasp as a girl
    but thought I understood now
    as a softer, wiser woman
    I thought about life and death...
    I thought about tonight's dinner menu too...
    From Lost in a Quatrain by Adiela Akoo, Poem: as the rain pitter-pattered
  • What is this life that wraps us up in tests?
    That has us fleeing the demons of yesterday,
    only to find them further down the path,
    waiting to trip us up again?
    From Lost in a Quatrain by Adiela Akoo, Poem: Wrapped Up
  • Life is not something we put on the back burner hoping to get to live further down the line
    Adiela Akoo https: //adielaakoo.wixsite.com/writer/blog
  • It is from the overflow of our cup that we give off our best to others
    Adiela Akoo https: //adielaakoo.wixsite.com/writer/blog
  • Poets are cut from a tender cloth that covers our world in beauty
    Adiela Akoo
  • Poetry is intimacy between poet and reader. It is revealing your truth and feeling safe acceptance in the unveiling.
    Adiela Akoo
  • Make time to do the things you love, the things that balance and ground your energy...the things that cause your cup to overflow
    Adiela Akoo https: //adielaakoo.wixsite.com/writer/blog
  • How shall we fill the cup of another if ours is empty? And how do we go about filling our cup? It begins with the self! Self care. Self love. Self development. Self discipline. Self knowledge... understand the world within, in order to understand the world without. Know thyself in order to understand that which is greater than thyself!
    Adiela Akoo https: //adielaakoo.wixsite.com/writer/blog
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