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  • 'You don't keep track of what you give and take in love'
    Love is to be given..

    Love really works in mysterious ways.
    'When you expect, you don't find love'
    When you get so much of it at a place where you least expect it from.
    You don't know how to handle it.

    **Doctorslim Adoke**
    Love is a wonderful thing
  • Love is really a wonderful thing that can happen to just anyone
    It is not visible but at it touch you become it poet.

    Love immensely, solemnly, tenderly and sincerely but never pin your hopes on any lady or a guy you think you love..because
    'When hopes are dashed, it causes a lot of agony'.

    Doctorslim Adoke
    Love wisely
  • Time have changed and life have really changed.
    People of the old stones age will recall, they were always caught up ties and relation that yielded nothing.
    Then their father's were God to them, they regard them with so much respect and immense love.
    Their mother's feet lay there heaven.

    But now...This our generation, the story is different, people foolishly think they have become very sensible, this new generation think we have become clever and practical.
    They will tell you all those happened in the old days, they will say this is modern and computer age.

    They tell you it a free world where everybody has rights.
    They now think, every relation is just a ladder.. On which they will step to rise further in life,
    and when they don't have use for the ladder anymore, they are dumped in the attics..

    'However..I tell you now, life does not take you up like a ladder'
    Life grows like a tree. Parents are not and should not be seen or taken for steps on a ladder through which you go to the top and dump when you have no use for again.

    Parents are the soul of one's life
    'However big the tree is, however green and filled it is..'
    It can't stand on it own when its root are hacked.

    'With all humility and respect, I ask today'
    The children for those whose happiness a parents spent their hard earned money with a smile.
    'Those very children, when there parents eyesight weakens'
    Why do they hesitate in giving them light?

    If your parents can actually help you to take the first step in your lives.
    Why can't the children reciprocate it by giving their parents support and love when they are taking the last few steps of their life? ?

    What crime is it, when a parent who has devoted all their lives to there children to make sure they are happy
    And you give them tears and loneliness when they deserve to be shown care and love? ? ?

    Children of this days perhaps forget.
    'What is their parents present today,
    Will be their present tomorrow'

    'If there parents are old today, they will also grow old someday'

    'The questions there parents ask today, they will ask tomorrow'

    They are able to bring up their children, helping them become able and independent.
    They have done their responsibilities as parents
    It is your responsibility aswel to take care of them when they grow old..
    parents are the soul of one's life, they should be loved and respected
  • when you feel wronged, Its better not to have any resent or revenge.
    Such feelings are against the law of nature.
    I Believe in karma.
    because people get what they deserve as they go through life..
  • There's actually no royal way to success,
    You just have to struggle hard and never give up and every Road becomes royal for you..
    Always keep your head up high, be focused, never give up trying, and don't wait for tomorrow that might never come.
  • Different shapes have different meanings.
    Rearrange and combine them for new meanings
    Life is not always transparent
  • There is no such thing like perfect parents, all parents can do is try.
    there is no handbook that teaches how to be good parent.
    everything parents do becomes trials and error and sometimes it's unavoidable to make mistakes.
    There is no perfect parents, all they ever do is try
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