Quotations From AFTAB ALAM

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  • Greatest victory which we desire, is to defeat truth and Lo! Truth is undefeated
    Everybody has his own logic to prove, , he is right
  • Never expect anything, ye will never be demoralized
    High expectation kills
  • Walk towards the light, put it on your head and then crush your shadow that hides under your feet
    be a virtuous soul, acquire knowledge, kill the ignorance
  • Loving own country is to love peace
    those don't love their own nation, in fact they create restlessness
  • Envy-Thy art blindness
    those envy forget right and wrong
  • Will power defeats all powers
    Will that makes a man
  • Hatred is internal calamity that destroys the keeper
    Hatred eyes are red red red peace killer
  • One can't measure the life with its bitterness but with it's sweetness and sweetness is what one must find in Jesus Words
    Good deeds unto humanity are sweeter than bitter
  • Heaven always shower His mercy on us and we return it with our cruelty
    We always receive virtue yet we give vice to this world..this is the difference between we and the Lord
  • Our thought is our big enemy, guided by ego that walks on evil path
    Once acquired fame we try to have more and more thus we are destroyed
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