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  • 'I am prone to gravitate toward my own disappointment than
    risk disappointing others. That is why I believe in God.
    I am better suited to handle the absence of His existence,
    than risk His disappointment and sadness that I never believed.'
    Alexander Beebe
  • A lone tree stands lost in the abyss of the West Texas Plains, the young man asked his father " Why only one tree? " His father responded: " The point of diminishing returns is a relative concept."
    The beauty of the West Texas Plains
  • For a man to stand on the beach and not look to the ocean in awe and wonder is a man whose soul is lost.
    The Ocean
  • What is it about railroad tracks that bid you to walk down their path? Maybe it's the allure of a new journey or greener pastures? Maybe it's the curiosity of what's around the next bend. Even if you resist the temptation, your mind always makes the journey.
    Railroad Tracks
  • What line does mankind have to cross before God decides He's had enough? Why do we keep searching for that line?
  • If we continue to navigate with our current moral compass, our destination is bound to be a colossal disappointment. Heaven's light has always given travelers direction.
    We are all travelers.
    We are all travelers
  • Don't confuse limitless with not having reached it yet. We all as humans have limits; where that point is differs for each of us. Only God is limitless.
    Only God is limitless
  • Regarding the fear of heights: is it the fall we fear the most, or the inevitable destination? Never have two occurrences been more closely linked, yet separate mind altering events.
    Fear of heights
  • I wonder when birds take wing if they do so with any type of emotion or gratitude for their gift of flight. Man has long envied such a gift, and try as we might,
    our attempt is a pale facsimile.
  • It is a foolish man that takes comfort in the failure of his adversary,
    for success is spawned from failure.
    A wise man is a student of his own failures, and prays
    the lessons learned precede that of his foe.
    Student of failure
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