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  • If there is a pen and paper, there must be a writer
  • when there is full Moon, mere men run out with binoculars and cameras. while poets run out with pen and paper
    poetic vision
  • Writing is just a cultural habit, what matters is what we write for. that is all!
    @writing differs.
  • My friend once told me that the worst punishment any one could ever give to me is to cut off both my hands and legs, and my tongue too. That way i ll not be able to tell stories; But he does not know that my being alive alone is a story. Even in death, i ll still continue my story-telling.
    A die-hard story teller
  • Instead of being a brave soldier, dying at my post with my gun to my neck, i'ld rather be a writer, dying on my table with my pen to my hand.
    A die-hard writer
  • When ever i try to speak, well mostly when i try to answer questions, i try to be guileless, because when the world and everything turns against me, my Honesty is the only weapon that bears my DNA i could use. The only weapon i could use.
    The fruit of Honesty
  • My words needs no disguise, no hat, no cloth, no jewelry or shoes. Does it need flattery? Of cos not. I send them all out raw, innocent and naked just like the way i was born. I believe that means I'm veracious.
    Truth, pretense, Truth
  • Sometimes because of high self esteem, people are transformed to liars. I can not live that way.
  • There are some you can reach, there are some you can never touch. Don't hope on luck, know the difference before taking that journey.
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