Quotations From ALEXEJ SAVREUX

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  • 'The justice of irony is the paradox of afterthought.'
    - Alexej Savreux
  • 'Freedom deserves no bias.'
    ~ Alexej Savreux
  • 'You can't pick up the torn pages of a never written book.'
    - Alexej Savreux, 'Voltage'
  • 'The relevance of a fist is the force it inflicts.'
    - Alexej Savreux, 'First Round K.O.'
  • 'Visionaries do things backwards.'
    ~ Alexej Savreux
  • 'The adage may be relatively on-point. That is, success may not be about what one has done, but rather, what one has overcome. Unfortunately, what one has overcome isn't something that is typically put on a resume. And that's a shame, for employers, for universities, and for potential friends and partners, because it can rob humanity of its true heroes.'
    ~ Alexej Savreux
  • 'The brain is the metaphysician of the soul.'
    ~ Alexej Savreux, 'Asoak in the Knight's Moat'
  • 'The future may be unwritten, but the past can't be erased.'
    ~ Alexej Savreux
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