Quotations From ALFRED BARNA


  • The trident of satan has three tines, one for bodies, one for souls, and one for minds.
    Alfred Barna
  • Within any of man's ideologies; be it political, scientific, religious, or social; which at their heart contains the necessity to coerce, kill, or control all which oppose them, are the greatest sources of man's misery and lack of understanding.
    The ideologues who seek to silence and kill, and to foment enmity rather than understanding.
  • Be wary of those who seek to divide, they have much to gain, and much to hide.
    Those who divide and conquer.
  • Today, there are suicide nets around factories in China because of their miserable conditions, tomorrow, there will be nets around the world, as the New World Order spreads their misery to the world.
    The world condition in the hands of globalist minions, deceived into believing it is they who know what is best for humanity.
  • Anyone who can accept the idea of perpetual war, has already accepted the idea of perpetual ignorance.
    Project for a New American Century.
  • The end cannot always be justified by the means, when the means cannot be justified. Thus, making the end unjust.
    For those who submit, that the end justifies the means.
  • Welcome to the new era, where book burnings will be a virtual thing, and classics that speak against the new tyranny will be sanitized in a quantum second, and their very existence will exist only in deep recesses of the mind of the heretic.
    Private musings that shall never be written down, but within the heart.
  • The fate of mankind is to have blind faith in this intelligence and have no fear of his ignorance, when he should have fear of his intelligence and faith in his ignorance, for in his ignorance he gains true intelligence of which he was unaware..
    Never be vain in your beliefs, for they can keep you from learning.
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