Quotations From ALISON MUJATI

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  • Life if a great teacher it will never leave anyone uneducated.
    Everyone has life experiences, ..life teaches everyone the hard way
  • The best way to keep a secret is not to conceal it but to lie.(allywamujati)
    When you hide something, people will discover that sooner or late but when you lie about that thing people will lose interest and hence good way to keep that secret
  • If they cannot change for your ways, do not change for theirs too.(allywamujati)
    More often than not, people tend to believe you must behave like them because of your association with them, it is not bad but they must also learn your ways
  • A poem is a deep thought and long story put together in few words
    From all i know with my experience with with poetry, everything comes from the heart and has stories behind it
  • Scars do not mean i am a vanquished man but strong enough to stand whatever life throws at me.
    Thinking out loud
  • True love wins with real feelings rather than sympathy
    True love wins with real feelings rather than sympathy
  • I would rather stay sober in personality than getting drunk in attitude.
    Just an observation
  • It's futile to laugh at those who can't because you can.Fate has been kind to you the same way it hasn't been to them.
    No one has the choice to their predicament in this life
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