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  • No—is a term very frequently employed by the fair, when they mean everything else but a negative. Their yes is always yes; but their no is not always no.
    Anonymous, U.S. women's magazine contributor. M, Weekly Visitor or Ladies Miscellany, p. 203 (April 1803).
  • Where liberty dwells there is my country.
    Anonymous. Latin phrase. Adopted as a motto by U.S. patriot and orator James Otis (1725-1783), and before him by Algernon Sydney (c. 1640).
  • Fifty million Frenchmen can't be wrong.
    Anonymous. Popular saying. Dating from World War I—when it was used by U.S. soldiers—or before, the saying was associated with nightclub hostess Texas Quinan in the 1920s. It was the title of a song recorded by Sophie Tucker in 1927, and of a Cole Porter musical in 1929.
  • The human race is yet in its infancy—no, not infancy; infancy is innocent and sweet—it is in its ugly boyhood, half way between the child and the man—in a state of semi-barbarism.
    Anonymous, U.S. magazine contributor. Herald of Progress (no dates available). Published in Middletown, N.Y., between 1856-1864, the magazine was edited by Dr. Lydia Sayer Hasbrouck (1827-1910) and was "Devoted to Reform in Every Department of Life."

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  • I have eyes to see now what I have never seen before.
    Anonymous, U.S. correspondence student. As quoted in The Life of Ellen H. Richards, ch. 9, by Caroline L. Hunt, quoting Ellen Swallow Richards (1912). Written in the late 1870s by a correspondence student of Richards', who was a chemist and educator. The student was learning through the Society to Encourage Studies at Home, which had been founded in 1873.
  • To err is human, but to really foul things up requires a computer.
    Anonymous. quoted in "Quote Unquote," Feb. 22, 1982, BBC Radio 4.
  • On the first day of a revolution he is a treasure; on the second he ought to be shot.
    Anonymous. Quoted in Benét's Reader's Encyclopedia, third edition (1987). Said of anarchist Mikhail Bakunin during the Paris Revolt of 1848.
  • He looked as if he wished to rive new war material out of the wombs of the mothers.
    Anonymous. Quoted in Ellen Key, War, Peace and the Future, ch. 9 (1916).

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  • The trouble with being a parent is that by the time you are experienced, you are unemployed.

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  • In general, one may pronounce kissing dangerous. A spark of fire has often been struck out of the collision of lips, that has blown up the whole magazine of virtue.
    Anonymous, U.S. women's magazine contributor. Weekly Visitor or Ladies Miscellany, p. 203 (April 1803).

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