Quotations From BILL CANTRELL

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  • It is not passion that balances love
    but love that balances passion
  • A poem is nothing other than a song that fell in love with its words
  • Such gateways of light are the eyes
    yet, they can open the darkest of doors.
    Immoral desires
  • The needs of the many
    Outweighed the needs of the few
    Whereas the rights of the few
    Devoures the rights of the many
    Politically correct
  • Talent is passion being expressed
  • When posting poems through a machine gun,
    Your readers are pronounced dead on arrival
    Too much at once
  • The richest food for thought
    Are those breadcrumbs we glean between the lines
    Real poetry
  • God is the only poet,
    We are just readers of his works.
  • The death of social media will be the life of society
  • Choose your friends wisely or they will chew you ruthlessly
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