Quotations From BRAVE HEARTS


  • Our world would be a peaceful one if every lesson was taken personally.
    My mind right now. A troubling world we have just because we push each lesson to the neighbor.
  • Truth is preferably told than heard.
    People prefer to tell others the truth than being told the truth themselves.
  • Even fifteen years of courtship will never replace the first year of marriage.
    Shaashaaandfren, humans continually change, so courting for too long with the goal of knowing each other all together is false.
  • Truth, integrity and excellence will grant peace, long-life and prosperity. (TIE will grant PLP)
    Truth brings peace Integrity sustains life Excellence brings prosperity All lie in our choices
  • Learning belongs to children. If you love life, live learning.
    Many qualities are common with children. They have a long-life ahead of them. They are curious. They possess a good dose of naivety. So, they believe.
  • The first impression might have been a mask, anyway. And like every mask, it possibly covered reality.
    Many first impressions have been proven to be worn.
  • The proud, on his alp, sees the cloud from the top and thinks of it a beach. The humble bows, sees it rather from beneath, and can tell its distance from the beach.
    The proud is prone to a fall.
  • Understanding and harmony, they flourish love.
    Love gets room to grow when there is understanding and harmony.
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