Quotations From BRIAN JOHNSTON

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  • 1. Doubt is not the absence of faith, Certainty is!


    2. It is impossible to be a true Christian and not have doubts.
    1.Karen Armstrong 2. Brian Johnston
  • For love is not about just getting needs met by another,
    No, love is more like a laser's coherent beam….
    For in reflecting back a portion of what is given,
    The power of what is being created grows
    Until it can cut through the hardest steel
    And span the gulf between galaxies.
    From the poem 'Driving Alone Through The Sand Hills of Nebraska' by Brian Johnston.
  • I remember - were there coyotes?
    Howls that laced peyote nights.
    Desert air stirred pastel high notes
    Cliffs that danced with ghostly lights.
    From the poem 'A Late Note of Appreciation' by Brian Johnston
  • Adventures of the days to come hanging like a white sheet
    Strung between trees in an unwired, impoverished village,
    Only imagination powers the projector of what can be.
    From the poem 'Canoeing the Mississippi' by Brian Johnston
  • Do more, bear witness of your weakness to others,
    Not to mortify your own flesh (God knows you're sorry)
    But so that those with ears to hear (also God's gift)
    Perchance will themselves not feel so alone.
    From the poem 'The Troll' by Brian Johnston.
  • All is change my love,
    Everything we hold dear
    Vanishes and then reappears,
    Briefly, in other bedrooms,
    Like warmth from a fireplace…
    Only the stars in lover's eyes
    Remain the same, until they change.
    From the poem 'For Now, The Chimney Stands' by Brian Johnston.
  • Things were going pretty good,
    When, by landing on the hood
    A sparrow made a mockery of all knowing.
    From the poem called 'A Mom, Three Girls, Two Cigarettes, and a Sparrow' by Brian Johnston.
  • Yet, as light passes venetian blinds,
    Like music through classical guitar strings,
    Touching the softened form of familiar Love,
    The rods of the eye wander adagio
    Along the bars of a century-old sight before rising,
    From the poem 'For Love of ________' by Brian Johnston.
  • Ardean hooked me with his music,
    I swallowed that bait whole, so deep,
    It have would killed me to retrieve the hook.
    From the poem 'Fishing With Older Men' by Brian Johnston
  • It is good to believe in yourself, to have confidence that you can row your own boat, but your pride should not be so great that you are not aware that your boat floats on the gifts and caring of other people.
    Brian Johnston
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