Quotations From BUD TAYLOR

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  • 'Remember there's a mile in every smile, a well in dwell'
  • I sat quietly, uttering not a word, while my coffee grew cold.
    Lady of the Longboard
  • It is true that i love the blue butterfly
    Lady of the Longboard
  • And tomorrows are promised to you and i
    Remember yesterday it was you and i
  • Tear-timely evidence appearing real. What can be more real, true or immediate than a tear?
    The ear in heart
  • Heart-happy evidence appearing real today
    The ear in heart
  • Peter's grandfather breaks from his counting the great aggregate value Ridership, done with the vague whispers of the many estimates, carbon footprint of vessels, hope for seven generations
    To catch fast the wolf
  • Control is illusory, the only real control is self-control.
    Bud Taylor
  • Freedom is everything, planning is everything. Plan to be free
    Bud Taylor
  • I saw your graceful stride alight
    upon great waves lighthouse bright
    The Shortboard Exercises: A Tribute to Rell Sunn
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