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  • I cannot wait to see tomorrow, but I will live like I just couldn't wait...
    My experience.
  • I will not be held down by the weight of the 'human condition'
    If this experience is my life, and all our lives we share, this world, or the next, I will choose to live it with love.
    True love without fear at all.
  • 1. 'Intelligence without reason is a gluttonous man at the buffet'
  • 2. "Intelligence without meaning is a photo album without the pictures"
    Insanity (10w)
  • With great "knowledge" comes great responsibility,
    While with greater "power" comes even greater
    Revised SpiderMan quote.
  • Add another "O" to g o d, and the word is "GOOD"
    Christian thing to be...
  • Paradise is a Road you make of it...
    Good ripples
  • It's a killer that heals all wounds.
  • What is poetry? Poetry is a Gracious lover's kiss.
    I quote My poem.
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