Quotations From CHANDAN DEY

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  • The whole universe is just like poetry where a line of event is connected with another meaningfully.
  • In one sense Death may also be a love as well as beauty like Birth especially when you think of Life in terms of Great Time; if one is entry another exit - both are needed to improve and rectify our work and to continue the eternal existence of Great Life.
    Life and Love
  • It's very hard to invent a pen but very easy to write with the same.
    Life, Philosophy
  • A man with a mission does not think in terms of his own success and failure. He does his work for which he comes to the earth with great patience and persistence; he is so positively directed that he never deviates from his line of work and consequently becomes a true universal worker and a successful man in all directions.
  • Confession of crime is an action which happens at that special moment when he or she overcomes the dirt of soul.
    Going Beyond
  • I am the leader of money, not the follower.
  • Your whim can destroy everything, yet I think of positive standing in the debris.
  • Uncertainty is the driving force of our development.
    The value of uncertainty
  • In the absence of uncertainty we cannot relish certainty.
    The duality of uncertainty and certainty
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