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  • Loving Holy Father.

    I'm in love with you dear God, in the name of Jesus Christ,
    worship you and no other. Free my soul let it roam running wild in the wilderness, never taking a moment to look back.
    Homeward-bound, keeping my attention focus and alert, in order to overthrow my enemies, always on the lookout! Remaining on guard.

    Honour God, my director.
  • The battle is not mine but the lord's. Consider yourself as mother nature. Guardian to ALL.
    The love I have for my daughters.
  • 'I was born alone I will die alone'
    Never fear being by yourself. It's an opportunity to get to know who you are.
    People who find themselves alone.
  • I can not emphasize enough! The importance of friendship.
    Take great care of them. They're imitations of ourselves.
    Friends we stumble across along the way; through life's journey.
  • We're our mothers. We inherit her beliefs. We choose men according to what her choice of men were.
    To women who in theory are the matriarch of every home.
  • Not everyone who preaches the words of the scriptures will see the golden gates of heaven. It's very rear to come across some one with a true Heart.
    Those who use the bible for their own means.
  • A woman can still love a monster.
    Women who fall heads-over-heels for brutes.
  • No one gets away with a wrong deed. Everyone gets their comeuppance. There's such a thing as a universal law.
    Those who believe they have gotten away scot-free by doing an act which cause pain and injury to another.
  • Listening is an acquired skill which has to be learned.
    Those of us who tell any and everyone our dreams.
  • A smile can heal a wounded heart.
    To the broken hearted.
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