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  • If you stop learning & gaining knowledge you've stoped living.
    Live life
  • A honest life is a life worth living.
    Be true to yourself
  • No man can outrun his destiny.
    Some things must be.
  • Start building on the common ground. Then learn about the differences and understand them.
    Building trust and relationships.
  • Never ever underestimate my ability to snatch defeat for the jaws of victory.
    Luck is a fickle mistress.
  • Grace and humanity will always outshine hate.
    Equality and peace.
  • Life is transient in comparison to the infinity of time and space.
    Live life while there's time.
  • A life lived without honour is no life at all.
    Live honourably.
  • If you consider the end would you live differently?
    Treat the world with humanity and compassion.
  • No man should ever become so powerful that mankind could not bare witness and judge their mistakes.
    All humans have foibles no matter their place.
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