Quotations From DARE ONADELE

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  • When you look at your prospering friend and you get motivated, your friend should watch out because you may soon surpass him. But when you look and get resented, you should watch it because you may never get out of sinking.
    We should not envy or become jealous, rather we should look at those things, build on it and bring the best out of ourselves.
  • Monkey has the closest look to man but dog is man's best friend. It's not just being brothers, it's about being beneficial.
    Among all animals dogs are closer to man than others. Business apart and leisure apart even if blood is thicker than water.
  • Those who endure pain in the beginning have envisaged gain ensured at the end.
    Don't get discourage. Hold on looking at the gain at the end.
  • I hate to apologize twice so I do what is right from the start.
    Don't wait till a fault is found in you. Act Right Now!
  • An availed life is not a miraculous or magical one perfected on utopia. It's one committed to be lived based on principles as needing firmness in the face of flood.
    Good character can greatly help avail success in man's life.
  • A strategy not sound and significantly successful is a mere trategy.
    Proper planning and valuable result would avert mere waste of resources.
  • Those who want their ship full of friends do not take friendship so cheap.
    Be good to all and especially your friends and you will keep having the good ones cruising or jollying with you on your voyage of life.
  • The power of mind that dreams, head that thinks and hand that works to create and sustain solutions to his challenging problems proves the authority of mankind having dominion over creatures.
    Man has been naturally made to conquer his environment.
  • Where religion fails love works and hearts entangled with legalism are set free by this truth.
    Love is the greatest religion. God showed this by sending His Son to the world to die for mankind.
  • May you survive to find the reason to live.
    The sperm cells are many in trial of survival but just a few live.
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