Quotations From DAVID KUSH

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  • Sometime we live a dream
    While other times
    We dream to live
    reflection of my life
  • All answers have questions
    All questions don't have
    life in general
  • And Jesus said as He hung on the cross
    To the people below
    I am dying to meet you
  • I'm still here
    Because God believed
    In me
    When I didn't
    attempted suicide
  • If I didn't believe
    Tomorrow could be
    The game changer
    I would of given up
    Hope In every new day
  • Depression is
    The real person you are
    Is locked inside the person
    You're not
    Fighting like hell
    To get out
    To live life
    Been there
  • No matter how old
    I get
    The past doesn't
    Get any
    Farther away
    Another year passing
  • I woke up his
    And thanked
    I'm alive
    But I just
    How can I
    Be sure
    For I have never
    Been dead
    Or am I
    What is life really
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