Quotations From DAVID WOOD

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  • Politicians declare war and leave it to the flower of youth to fight and die
    The folly of war
  • War is a result of an inability to communicate.
    The folly of war
  • There is nothing left after a nuclear war, not even hope.
    The folly of war.
  • Hiroshima is an episode of history that must never be allowed to be repeated.
    The Suffering of Humanity.
  • When General's wage war Humanity suffers
    The Suffering of Humanity
  • True love is giving everything you have.
  • Love is an unbroken chain that binds us 'till we meet again
    Love - Upon the death of my wife.
  • Man using nuclear weapons will be the next mass extinction event.
    Folly of War
  • Television constipates the mind.
  • International law exists for the protection of humanity against the folly of politicians.
    Folly of War.
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