Quotations From DEIDRE DIXON

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  • "If you don't say nothin', ain't nothin' you can say! "
    About voting
  • 'Want to win.......work! '
    Success, winning
  • "If you've got something to say, make sure you're saying something! "
    Intelligence, wisdom
  • "You're not washed up. You're what's up! "
    Self-confidence, self-esteem
  • 'Powerful positivity is pleasant! '
    Positivity, good vibes
  • "When you think you can't, try. You just might find out you can! "
    Encouragement, empowerment
  • "A simple smile can brighten someone's day! "
    Positivity, joy, happiness, kindness
  • 'You should see to it that there is a variety of fruit in your basket. To have all of the same fruit is to be deprived.'
  • 'Procrastination is the paralyzation of your progress! '
    Solutions, Inspiration, Success, Progress, Procrastination
  • 'Whatever you spend time doing, your life will emit.'
    The word 'time' transposes to the word 'emit.' Your life will most definitely show what you have spent your time doing.
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