Quotations From DIDITH MARCELO

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  • Difficulties are no longer an issue. It doesn't permeates any empirical; that is negative-cognition for one's soul penetration of giving up, once a heart is desperate for a change.
    willing to change
  • There is no deadline when it comes of dreaming. Hope is always Up Right There' trying to scoop out a faith from you, and we need to stop being stupid and think that life is too short to waste, roaming around, forming a nonsense idea of how to run our lives.
    Make it happen
  • The paramount idea is now inculcating. Sometimes you just have to carefully read the misprinted texts in order to scrutinize deeper the only truth.
    More Reading
  • Hope are meant to live forever, it can never die even if you are. Hope knows no death, because The God is always alive; Who's eternity.
    Never lose Hope
  • You will know if you are passionate about poems; dithyrambically nor sonnet and etc., having all the discernment and complacency, and your imagination works like a repertory; caught your self in a idyllic-congruence of heartily penned words.
  • In a battle of throne, you will know your the winner; you'll end up next in line to serve the people, sitting with a discernment of care.'
    you deserve
  • Nesting in bitterness only adds more miserable feeling. It holds us, instead to move on, and can never help us to grow, and inside of us maturity is subject for stagnant. And gradually it curves life to live in fears instead of blessings.
    move on
  • Whatever state of mind you have today, tomorrow nor in the future, God can never change the grace through Christ that is settled within you once you believed in Jesus.
  • If people doesn't like you, well then, just keep it real! Anyway, it's not even in a command to please people. Not Biblically! Oh please!
    don't please people
  • When you love just LOVE, don't expect too much, because love has no requirement, even 'reciprocal' is not a rule. Only hate has a rule, and that is show 'kindness'.
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