Quotations From DONALD R WOLFF JR

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  • Anyone can be anything at anytime.
    It's just a matter of circumstance.
    Donald R Wolff JR: Life observation.
  • A person will create them self from the ashes of their God.
    Donald R Wolff JR
  • Buying in haste, makes buying mistakes.
    Buying with care, is buyer aware.
    This is for all you car dealers.
  • Love is
    Giving up your wants
    For what someone else needs
    The reality of love- Donald R Wolff JR
  • When life deals, car dealers.
    You know there will be lemons.
    Donald R Wolff JR
  • Be true to thyself
    No matter who it offends
    Donald R Wolff JR
  • A persons worth is in a promise kept.
    Donald R Wolff JR
  • Death is but a moment we part.
    Donald R Wolff JR
  • We must learn from the past.
    Not live in it.
    Donald R Wolff JR
  • Existence is starting out of nothing, from forever in.
    And reaching all knowing in forever out.
    Donald R Wolff JR- My theory of eternity.
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