Quotations From DORSEY BAKER


  • looks are just looks
    beauty is eternal!
    Dorsey Baker
  • spring up fall back
    I know the clock must
    get tired
    jumping back and forth,
    but remember in today's world
    thats just the life of a clock!
    Dorsey Baker
  • You have to get old
    before you become
    young again!
    Dorsey Baker
  • If you are too nosey
    you might miss out!
    on a lot of good
    things in your life!
    Dorsey Baker
  • Death tells us
    that life is
    nothing more
    than an illusion
    because life
    is here!
    then its gone!
    Dorsey Baker
  • You can have breath
    in your body
    but if you have no
    you have no life!
    Dorsey Baker
  • The poverty of the rich man
    is his money!
    Dorsey Baker
  • Kindness is a blanket
    that can help you
    get through
    the coldest winter!
    Dorsey Baker
  • We are born to die
    so why don't we
    live life to live? !
    Dorsey Baker
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