Quotations From DR. NIKHAT BANO


  • Government and the people cannot be sane at the same time and this is how governance came into existence.
    Present world scenario
  • Perseverance pays but only with sound judgement.
    Behavioural science
  • Good, old memories are like flightless birds perching on heart's wall - poised to fly but never flies.
    My poem 'MY DAYS OF YORE'
  • How can a divine love be calculated on earthly tokens!
    Valentine's Day
  • Remember the bare necessary things of your childhood and you will feel like a king.
  • Basic needs and banal things are all needed to live a fuller and contented life, others create only contention.
    Pastoral life
  • Some choices often put us in turbulence, either we're dead while living or restless while dead.
    Past choices
  • Fantasy is a gold foil on crude reality.
  • In an adverse situation the flames of hope may seem dismal but its light never fades away, because it is fueled by your blood.
  • Treasuring blissful reminiscences and agonizing ones, both serve you in a positive way but without giving overly importance to them.
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