Quotations From DYLAN THOMAS

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  • Washington isn't a city, it's an abstraction.
    Dylan Thomas (1914-1953), Welsh poet. Quoted in John Malcolm Brinnin, Dylan Thomas in America, ch. 1 (1956).

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  • It's that—the thought of the few, simple things we want and the knowledge that we're going to get them in spite of you know Who and His spites and tempers—that keeps us living I think.
    Dylan Thomas (1914-1953), Welsh poet. Letter, late 1936, to Caitlin, later Thomas's wife. The Collected Letters of Dylan Thomas (1985).
  • In a fiercely mourning house in a crooked year.
    Dylan Thomas (1914-1953), Welsh poet. After the Funeral (l. 30). . . The Collected Poems of Dylan Thomas, 1934-1952 (1953, rev. ed. 1956) New Directions.

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