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  • Anyone, whether white or black can be a racist.
  • Sores of betrayal advocate against trust and doubtless love.
  • Those in support of gender equality are ignorant. It is impossible for man and woman to be equal: God placed man above woman.
    Gender equality.
  • In my next life, I'd fall in love with you; but I would not tell you.
  • We can't see the best of mankind not because there is no best; but because we live with the mentality that there's always a better one, thus even when we see the best, we think another is better!
  • When a man has endured so much pain, faith becomes a vague concept.
    Heartbreak, disappointment, loss, pain, faith
  • When you take everything from a man, you leave nothing to prickle his conscience.
    Loss, everything, man,
  • Happiness is not created to be with man, it is created to mock man.
    Happiness, pain, mockery, fate.
  • Until you begin to cry and none is even there to mock you; you can't understand the concept of true loneliness.
    Loneliness, isolation, pain, rejected,
  • The worst kind of pain is the pain of guilt.
    Guilt , pain, remorse, regret, Ebom tobe churchill
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