Quotations From EGBE CHRIS


  • Every mistake and practise is a discovery.
    Areas and aspect of life
  • The difference between you and them is wisdom.
    You and the world.
  • Your work is up to you.
    People do say your destiny is in your handz.
  • Wise men want to know, unwise men want to low.
    Issues of life.
  • Three biblical organ! faith, holiness and prayer are corporate society.
    There is power behind that word.
  • To lose your faith is to lose your believe.these two child are identical twins.
    Power in the word.
  • There is great joy in dying empty, than dying full.
    Be a blessing to your world.
  • Little become's alot, when it bring forth more generations.life is a morsterd seed.
    Life begins from somewhere.
  • Love is the magic of masion, so beautiful that it makes you wealthy.
    No crime is love.
  • Tell me what is sweater than that you have pleasure in doing, i will tell you what is dangerous than lions.
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