Quotations From ELENA PLOTKIN

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  • Everytime I find myself in hot soup, I think I'm going to go crackers.
    Strife and Life
  • I feel like a woman without a country who still has to pay taxes.
    life, taxes, and feelings
  • I'd rather marry for money and divorce for love than marry for love and divorce for money.
    Divorce, marry, love, and money
  • Those who spurn knowledge are doomed to learn things the hard way!
  • Words with words. Fists with fists.
    Fighting fair.
  • Even on the road less traveled you'll find yourself stuck in traffic.
    Road, life, travel, and traffic
  • Even a home run isn't counted as a home run unless you reached homeplate.
    Don't celebrate your success or accomplishments before seeing them successful to the end.
  • The man of my dreams is someone who is still there for me when I wake up.
    Many times women search for the perfect man and fail to realize that the perfect man is just someone who is there for them day after day after day.
  • You can't build a house from the roof.
    Things have to be done from the bottom up.
  • People tend to learn from their mistakes after they make them not before.
    how people do not heed advice and prefer to make their own mistakes
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