Quotations From ENCY BEARIS

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  • If you're determined to succeed - just remember -
    success is sealed in a can
    it can't be bought
    but must be in your thought
    for if you can - you can
    Motivational attribute
  • The distinction of one person's character can be illustrated by this word: Attitude.
  • One way to be in good attitude
    is with sincere, heartfelt gratitude

    Ency Bearis
  • Passion and satisfaction can be achieved favorably
    with the endeavor of a team in good loop of communication.

    Ency Bearis
    Team Work
  • You cannot please every soul in this world,
    but when you say 'please' to every favor
    you requested, they might be pleased with
    your politeness.

    Ency Bearis
    Morality, Decency
  • Better to be humble
    you'll find yourself
    in the bubble
    of peace with anybody
    an ideal nobility
    Inspirational, morality, virtue
  • If you want to be my friend
    act as a friend, we will be in a good blend
    But if you want only to pretend
    It won't rhyme, sorry it will come to an end

    Ency Bearis
    Friendship, motivational
  • I never thought of love
    but when you came
    to my thoughts
    love taught me
    how to love you

    ~Ency Bearis
    Love Quote
  • Silence is the mutual friend
    of the soul that blends
    to conscience to repose
    Peace Of Mind, freedom from worry
  • Poverty drives someone
    be like migrant birds
    be a refugee
    to the greener pastures
    Poverty, Motivation, Inspirational
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