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  • If you were born smart you wouldn't need education,
    stop acting like you know it all... for even the intelligent keep seeking knowledge but will never be good enough because no one meant to perfect if we were then we wouldn't find challenges that puzzles us differently.
    Ernest G Makuakua Poet
  • It doesn't mean if you were born without it you will never get it, It doesn't mean when you were born with it you wont loose it. It doesn't mean if you are not experiencing it you will never experience it.
    Ernest G Makuakua The Legendary poet
  • only a smile can put a heart at ease and if so then greet with a smile to make sure you heal and not destroy,
    For in you lies the power to build and destroy and you have one individual to blame and satisfy
    Ernest G Makuakua The legendary poet
  • You stop dreaming you stop living for there's no vision in you,
    So dream on and you'll move on
    Live on
    Ernest G Makuakua
  • Poetry is a disease
    You listen to it
    You become addicted
    Ernest G Makuakua
  • Everyone has a dream to get rich not to be avarage
    that is why we end up where we dont want to be simply because we chase other peoples dreams and forget our capabilities and what makes us happy instead.

    we can never have everything unless we give everything you have your purpose in life Fulfil it! .
    Ernest G Makuakua
  • Eyes please see for me and see good and teach my ears to hear well so my mouth can send what is right outside to help my nose to smell what is good and bad.

    see for me i will hear for you so you'll smell for me and ill talk for you what i think about.
    Ernest G Makuakua we sometimes just talk things and never consult all these instruments.
  • The most preciouse gift is life and
    the most horrific one thing is one who squeeze it out of you.
    Or when it leaves the flesh
    for you are inside
    Lets respect life.
    One takes it by words one by weapon

    am i right am i wrong its reality yet only one judge avails
    life is indeed preciouse but only God can judge us Ernest G Makuakua
  • We are leaders through people
    so there is no follower without a leader

    treat people with love and respect and lead by axample
    a lot will follow your steps
    Ernest G Makuakua
  • We live in a world where we only Exist enough just to exit
    I just realized that in this world we live a while then we Die yet main idea to fulfill a certain purpose. Its a passage we all pass. Ernest G Makuakua
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