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  • I Will Rather Prefer A Harsh Life Based On Truth & Sincerety Than A Luxurious Life Based On Falasy & Hypocrisy.
    Truth, Sincerety
  • No Matter How Good A Person Is, A Bad Company Wipes Out All The Good Qualities From Him.
  • A heart, which is not filled with love is like honey without sweetness, flowers without fragrance, and snow without whiteness.
  • A teacher is to pupil, what compass is to a traveler.
  • Will I tell the secret behind inner peace and happiness? It is to put all your trust on Allah & be patient.
    Trust, God, Patience, Happiness, Peace.
  • Crocodiles tears have no importance in tha sight of Allah.
    Hypocrisy, God, Tears
  • Love is no about dating & romance. It is about care and trust.
    Love, Care, Trust, Romance
  • Your best friend is the one who knows all your secrets, but never reveals them to others.
    Friend, Secret.
  • You can kill a soldier but not an army.
    Soldier Army Kill
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