Quotations From GARY LILES

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  • There is no better life than the one you make for yourself.
    If you make a good life you chose it, if you make a bad life you chose it. ☺😊
  • To dream is to exist.
    Just wrote this on Ovi-enita's Haiku 6. 😊
  • Without water we are but dust.
    My explanation to my poem if I were not me. 😊
  • If you are going to do good then do it today, now read this every day. πŸ˜‡
    Always thinking of others.
  • Life owes me nothing but it owes the poor, starving and the terminally ill a life.
    The many adds that constantly ask for money for these people.
  • We don't own time but time sure does own us.
    Written as a comment on a poem in Forward Poetry. What is time, by Goldfinch.
  • The possibilities are endless if we just give each other time, whether we speak the same language or not we can all understand each other using effort and patience.
    Part of my message on Bharati Nayak's poem entitled: I speak not.
  • 'Shrouded in disparities my life is but a whim.'
    This is my poem entitled Change.
  • Politeness costs nothing and respect costs less.
    Part of my comment on Liza Sudina's poem entitled: On poem hunter life is in full swing.
  • The birds are fed the fish are fed so let the humans be fed.
    Part of my comment on Gajanan Mishra's poem entitled: A glass of water.
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