Quotations From GINA BORREBACH

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  • Once your eyes have been opened, you could never go back to a dormant state.
    Living conditions
  • When there's beauty within, you see and find beauty everywhere.
    I see what I am
  • Home is not a place. Home is that scent, that sound, that person.
    Where you/I belong
  • If there was a time when men were complaining about empty headed females;
    As the world turns, today, it happens to be filled with brainless males.
    The reptilian complex; the paleomammalian complex and neomammalian complex
  • She, who can, and is not afraid to walk alone, can be solidly built upon...
    Partners; strong women
  • Don't have patience, have faith.
    Being patient means you're not trusting destiny to happen as it's destined to.
  • As long as I see you trying, I'll see a reason to affix at your side.
    A better man
  • If as a mother you don't show your son how a woman should be loved,
    And as a father you don't set the example to your son of responsibility and respect towards a woman,
    The 'right man', will remain a fairytale.
    The cycle that repeats itself
  • Intelligence is when you keep questioning your thoughts and beliefs.
  • Every day you still dwell in the past, is a wasted minute of the future.
    Dare, dream, live
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