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  • Liars hate silence, so they often try to fill it up by talking more than they need to. They end up providing far more information than was needed or asked for.
    Hanif Hassan Barbhuiya (Poet/Fiction Writer)
  • Life is not just black and white, there are a million shades in between.
    Hanif Hassan Barbhuiya (Poet/Fiction Writer)
  • Why is it so tough to forget pain and tougher to remember happiness.
    We treasure our scars but forget to live on our smiles.
    Hanif Hassan Barbhuiya (Poet/Fiction Writer)
  • Will you destroy something in order to make it beautiful?
    Will you avoid something in order to fall in love with it?
    Will you sacrifice something just so that you get it?
    Will you maintain distance from someone in order to get him close?
    We often make these mistakes.
    Life is short, every second counts, every moment is precious.
    Live at, live for and live always in present, for thats what you have right now with you, who knows what will tomorrow bring.
    Hanif Hassan Barbhuiya (Poet/Fiction Writer)
  • Hope brings chances;
    Chances gives hope;
    And hoping for chances is what life is all about.
    Hanif Hassan Barbhuiya (Poet/Fiction Writer)
  • Things can be fixed.
    Relationship CANNOT.
    Its like standing on a cracked glass plane, you might just adjust yourself for the time being but there will always be a fear of increasing the cracks, fear of falling through, fear of being destroyed.
    Hanif Hassan Barbhuiya (Poet/Fiction Writer)
  • Have you ever realised that if a person can make you angry, that person actually controls you.
    Hanif Hassan Barbhuiya (Poet/Fiction Writer)
  • Luck, Love and Life.
    The three of them are interrelated.
    Once you are in love, luck favors you and your life takes the good path at every turn.
    Once you get luck on your side, you find your life to be worthy and love at your doorstep.
    Once you realise the importance of your life, love comes all the way to you and brings luck all along.
    Hanif Hassan Barbhuiya (Poet/Fiction Writer)
  • A second gone, history is born. A second away, fate is at play.
    Hanif Hassan Barbhuiya (Poet/Fiction Writer)
  • There are times when the dreams that come true were once the dreams that you never had courage for, you thought those weren't meant for you
    Hanif Hassan Barbhuiya (Poet/Fiction Writer)
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