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  • Life is for living, not for taking care of for no mortal can guarantee its continuity.
    Those who fear taking risks.
  • It's scary how some unambitious men choose a life of comfortable waiting for death while manlier swines shake the pillars of the space.
    Lack of ambition.
  • The problem with being a gifted writer in Kenya is that you have many half-schooled editors who have no taste for literary works, and will hence have problems having your works published. I don't write to meet the wizened expectations of a Moi University graduate in Information Science, folks who cannot recall anything worth reading they've ever read. An editor should be a literary enthusiast, if not a writer themselves.
    Lack of worthy publishing houses in Kenya...
  • Ignorance, just like genius, is a powerful thing - it can level mountains!
    Of ignorant folks all over the place...
  • It is naked folly to compete with giants before you have even wrestled squirrels.
    Of Lilliputian nincompoops all over the place...
  • The expansiveness of one's fortunes means little to their happiness.The decision to be a happy person is the greatest determination in the life of man here on earth.
    The need for happiness in life...
  • The things African editors publish as poetry are commonplace disjointed prosaic sentences that have no poetic distinction. How a self-confessed lifelong metrophobe becomes a poetry editor at some godforsaken publishing house in the city is a miracle possible only in Africa. God have mercy upon our barren literary wombs!
    The literary aridity that has continued to terrorize Africa as a continent...
  • Calling a dog a lion does not give
    him the mane.
  • The poet writes not to be lauded but to achieve something that they are not even themselves sure of. Perhaps that is their only reward.
  • And you can never learn how to swim by watching others do it - you plunge into the waters!
    Learning anything new...
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