Quotations From IFELEYE RAY

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  • ensure you bring out life in everything you do, dont bring things out of the life you live
    whatever man is going to do should ensure someone is helped but not by being materialistic
  • if you don't want to dance, don't follow the rhythm
    if you are not interested in doing something, don't bother to find something relevant or genuine about it
  • life can give you a thousand reason to be bad but give life a single reason to be good and that is the true you
    life is weird enough to transform man from good to bad but the true purpose of a man is his kind heart and love
  • Don't be deceived by what people says because the devil among men could be endowed with the finest of phrase
    do not judge a book by its cover
  • Telling the truth is as hard as admitting 'it is true'
    admitting the truth is as hard as saying it especially nowadays
  • The reason man was born is not as important as the reason he needs to survive
    man can accomplish his utmost destiny only when he survives livelihood
  • Only your heart holds the power to control your earth
    Your will can move the wheel
  • Wash the dirt of your family in public and you will find it dirtier by the next day but wash it in private and you ll find it clean all day
    Treat your family the way you want them to be treated when you re not there
  • To love people that careless about you is a difficult task but not impossible. All you have to do is cancel the feeling of reciprocity
    Love unconditionally
  • Fate is when you are blindfolded and left to walk a given path. Though you are taking every steps but your destination remain unknown
    Fate is uncontrollable and unpredictable
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