Quotations From IRSHAD ALAM


  • When every moment is so noisy, why does this loneliness still exist?
    Noisy Moment
  • This quest has lasted for long and this thirst has never ended.
  • Play of life is the most secret event, it is our, yet future is unpredictable. whereas every moment in past seems to be planned.
    Play Of Life
  • Tendency of being logical has brought something in return
    Little good has yielded a lot out of the barren.
  • Greaves of blind have not shaken our brain
    We live comfortably in our luxurious den.
  • ! ! ! Life! ! !
    How Amazing is this construction and how ironic is its interpretation,
    It has never and will probably never ever match the expectation! ! !
  • In this high-tech world,
    Simplicity is considered as the most complicated thing.
  • How am I ready for yet another dream, broken I saw it shatter,
    Time doesn't stop, wounds fill one day, so why should it matter.
    Shattered Dream
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