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  • The Americans were the first humans to step on the moon and were also the first humans to drop a nuclear bomb.
  • Illiteracy does not necessarily mean the lack of education because it essensially entails man's failure to live up to his humanity.
  • I was always wondering about how and why the world enjoyed watching the Iraqi children while they were starving to death during the ill-famed embargo that was unjustly imposed on Iraq, but I stopped wondering the moment I came to know that famine took the lives of more than 39 million Indians.
  • Love that is told comes from the heart but that which is untold comes from God.
  • Religious sectarianism is man's deadliest weapon.
    Sectarianism, in all its forms, is deadlier than the nuclear bomb.
  • The ash-heap of history(history's dustbin) is the dirties place ever known.
    History's dustbin is the dirtiest Into which many dictators, criminals and evil ideologies were thrown!
  • An ignorant becomes idiot if he speaks about love, and a hypocrite if he speaks about faith and religion.
  • A brainless guy would never miss a big lie.
    Istabraq Al Ahmadi
  • Real and eternal love is mysterious. It needs no reason, cause or incentive to come forth.
    The essence of real love
  • Love in the modern times is like the Saints's relics; both are meant to prevent people from acting individually.
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