Quotations From IVAN BROOKS SR

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  • Don't think nobody's interested in your life as it unfolds, they do! Truth is, it's the lowest depths you fall in that fascinates them..It's the Wounds you sustained on the way down and the maggots and the pains you go through to heal, it's the struggle to bring yourself back to life....surely, they want to come and stand over you, watch you as you climb slowly and painfully back to life! As always, your success is of least concern.
    Human struggles
  • The rise of an over-comer is great news to thousands who can't overcome.
  • One man will build a house, two strong men a village and few visionaries a great nation.
  • A true dreamer is often a versatile artist.The masterpieces he comes up with aren't always perfect from the start. like an artist, a true dreamer uses his imagination to retouch his dreams every now and then.
  • If you react wisely today about what people did to you yesterday, I promise you they will in no doubt come to remember you tomorrow.
    Ivan Brooks Sr
  • Life is a mission.The nature of our mission entails that we all have to assume different roles, mold ourselves into different shapes and sizes, migrate from place to place until we can find ourselves or fulfill our individual purposes in this life.
    Ivan Brooks Sr
  • If a line can be drawn between where things are good for us to the point where all our troubles begins, nobody will pinpoint the Right place.
    Ivan Brooks Sr
  • The soul feeds on the truth...don't starve yours.
    Ivn Brooks Sr
  • Without the seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks, there will be no months, years decades, centuries and millenniums.
    Ivan Brooks Sr
  • knowledge and love are disseminated using the same principles;
    Impact people with the former, and it will surely be passed on.
    Show or treat people with the latter, they too will spread it.
    Ivan Brooks Sr
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