Quotations From JANEL ROBERTS

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  • Love is a sickness that kills all emotions
    If you get hurt by someone.. Be careful.
    Sweet Mina
  • Falling in love is scary
    When you think you're ready to love someone
    Their always ready to get up and leave you..
    Just the sad reality of life.. when people aren't patience.
  • It's a sad world no matter where you go
  • My disease is love
    The only cure is you
  • What weapon do you use to cut out heart strings? Lies or broken promises not kept?
    heart aches
  • The intoxications of love is a disease.. conceal and don't feel
  • With every choice.. leads to a new adventure..
    I love adventures lmboo
  • take 3 deep breaths and close your eyes
    wish for what you truly desire and when you take your last breath
    none lol
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