Quotations From JEAN EUGENE GUAN

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  • One could not warrant change for something that is perceived as normal, for normalcy denies the desire for change. What is seen as true is not always true, and what is seen as acceptable does not always mean it is, in the first place. A ubiquitous vantage point and a collective opinion does not rectify its verity or truthfulness.
    - Jean Eugene Guan (on Change)
  • I am no pawn in your game of chess, nor a peasant from your idyllic fantasies. Moreover, this country knows suffrage, knows democracy. Ask and I will listen. Even the master did his bidding. Even he knows volition. Ask and I will listen...
    - Jean Eugene Guan (on Opposition)
  • Forgiveness is a choice. A choice to stay a prisoner of your own wrath, of your own past, of your own regrets. Or a choice to be free.
  • The effort and time spent in preparation are relevant to the magnitude of the task you are about to take.
    Preparation, success
  • Do not compare your life with others. What is true to them may not be true for you. So shut up, stop complaining, and go write your own story.
    Vanity, comparison, self, inspiration
  • Why hold on to old memories when you can have new ones?
  • Sometimes things won't turn out the way you thought it would. That's probability - you might be right, but you could be wrong.
    probability, expectations
  • The more you are aware of your mistakes, flaws, and disappointments, the less you become critical about others.
  • Time for me is actual gold. It is the luxury that is too valuable to give, and too easy to waste.
    time, value
  • Chasing your dreams could be hard especially when you're awake.
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